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Pet food is both about nutrition and keeping your pet happy. This is one of our essential attitudes. After years of intensive research, Crave created the perfect recipe that satisfies both pets and their owners. Through our innovate smart pouch concept, every meal takes care of your pet’s health while nourishing them with a meaty taste they love.

Crave combines the palatability of wet food with the convenience of dry food. Our signature cravy sauce has the meaty smell and taste that dogs love. So each meal is a treat for your dog.
You know that your pet’s nutritional needs are being met when even pinky will eat their bowls clean. Smart pouches portion each meal with the correct ratio of kibbles and crave sauce, making mealtimes simpler and more enjoyable.

Each kibble and crave pouch is individually sealed for freshness and convenience, so the. First pouch is as fresh as the last. This means that unopened pouches can be safely stored as is, free from unwanted moisture, smells, and pests.

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